Chickpeas Sundal / Channa Sundal


Chickpeas 1 cup
Mustard 1 tsp
Urad dhal 1 tsp
Red chilli 1-2
Curry leaves 1 strand
Asafoetida pinch
Grated coconut 3 tbsp


• Wash and soak chickpeas overnight or min 8 hours.
• Pressure cook 2-3 whistles with enough water and salt.
• Drain the water and keep the cooked chickpeas aside.
• Take a wide pan. Heat little oil. Crackle the Mustard then add Urad dhal, Red chillies, Curry leaves and Asafoetida.
• Toss the cooked Chickpeas in. Give a thorough mix.
• Finally add the grated Coconut.
Let that stay for couple of minutes then switch off the stove. Serve hot.
• If you have time you can directly cook Chickpeas in a pot of salt water. It takes 15-20 mins.
• Canned Chickpeas works best as well. Don’t forget to drain the water before using it.


Chettinad Kara Paniyaram

Onion 1, finely chopped
Channa dhal 1 tbsp
Mustard 1 1/2 tsp
Urad dhal 1 tsp
Curry leaves 2 strands
Coriander 2 tbsp, finely chopped
Green chillies 2-3, finely chopped
Grated coconut 2 tbsp ( optional )

Soak & Grind
Idly rice 1 cup
Raw rice 1 cup
Urad dhal 1/4 cup
Fenugreek seed 1 tsp
Salt req

• Wash and Soak Idly Rice, Raw Rice, Urad Dhal & Fenugreek for 5 hours and grind it to a thick fine paste with req salt.
• Ferment it overnight.
• Heat a pan, add little oil. Crackle mustard, then Channa dhal, Urad dhal, Onion, Curry leaves, Green chillies. Sauté it for a while.
• Toss it in to the batter along with chopped coriander leaves and grated coconut.
• Dilute it with little water and adjust the salt taste.
• Heat the Paniyaram pan. Grease all the wells with little oil.
• Pour batter in to each well. Cover and cook till both sides turn golden brown.
• Serve hot with Tomato Chutney!

Medhu Vadai/ Ulundu Vadai

When ever I grind idly batter, I used to grind Vadai batter aswell. But for Vadai there is no need to soak urad dhal more than 2 hours. I usually soak for an hour.
A perfect vadai, will depend totally on the batter consistency.


Urad dhal 1 cup
Onion 1, chopped finely
Curry leaves little
Coriander leaves little
Pepper 1 tsp
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Asafoetida pinch
Baking soda 1/2 pinch ( optional )
Salt req

• Soak & grind Urad dhal with very little water preferably in a grinder.
• Remove it and add the chopped onions, curry leaves, coriander leaves, asafoetida, pepper, pepper powder, salt & baking soda. Mix it well and keep it aside.
• Heat oil in a kadai. Take water in a bowl, wet your hand and take some batter in your hand, make a hole in the center with your thumb and carefully drop it to the kadai immediately (It comes only by practice). Continue the same process for each and every vadai.
• Fry Vadai on both the sides, till they turn golden brown. Remove it & drain it on a tissue. Serve it hot with coconut chutney/ sambhar.



• Add water little by little while grinding. If the batter becomes too watery, you can add little rice flour to it. Some even soak 2 tbsp of rice while soaking for the Vadai.
• Let the oil be in medium flame throughout the frying process. If the oil is too hot, Vadai will turn brown immediately and the batter remains uncooked inside.
• Never add more baking soda then required for crispness. You may have to dump the batter then. So pls be cautious while adding baking soda.

Chicken 65


Chicken 1/2 lb
Chilli powder 2 tbsp
Coriander powder 1 1/2tbsp
Turmeric powder Pinch
Corn flour 1 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Red colour powder Req amount
Salt taste


1. Marinate the chicken with all the above ingredients and allow it to stay for 1/2 hour.
2. Heat oil and deep fry it. Make sure you don’t over cook it.
3. Chicken 65 is ready!